Nile Breweries Limited on March 22 joined the rest of the world to mark World Water Day under the theme: ‘No One Left Behind’. Over 100 staff from the Jinja plant under the theme, ‘No Water, No Beer, No Jobs’, took to the banks of River Nile to clean and unblock water drainages. Mr Ashir Mori, the Jinja Brewery plant manager, said, “Water is a major component of our beers, so it is critical for us to not only preserve our water sources, but also promote good utilisation of this resource.” Ms Rita Nakibwami, the Jinja Plant Safety and Environment Controller, revealed that Nile Breweries strictly adheres to recommended waste water treatment at its plants in Jinja and Mbarara. “We sensitize staff on how our activities affect the water discharged to our sources such as the river,” she said.

Mr George Mbogo, Nile Breweries Limited Plant manager, Mbarara and the staff at the plant, also unveiled the Rwizi River flow assimilation studies & water level monitoring project. This project, which is a partnership between Nile breweries Limited & Directorate of Water Resource Management (DWRM) will provide daily data of the levels of River Rwizi to ensure that the water source is protected and warrant sustainable utilisation of the shared resource.

Water Stewardship is one of the sustainability goals of Nile Breweries Limited and its mother company AB InBev.  The company seeks to have 100 per cent of their communities in high-stress areas get measurably improved water availability and quality by 2025.  Water is a key ingredient in making beer. Without water, our business cannot operate effectively and the livelihood of 1000s would be heavily affected. Water contributes to a tune of 90% of every hectoliter of beer we produce. We consider water as one of the major driving force of sustainable development and for us every drop counts, and saving water ensures more available water for everyone tomorrow. World Water Day for us means focusing attention on the importance of water and creating awareness about water related issues in the communities we operate. We go extra mile to participate in activities that ensures our communities in high stress areas have measurably improved water availability and quality.

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