NBL holds Farmers' Days every year as a way to engage with farmers and appreciate their partnership in the value chain. We have up to 13000 farmers of Barley and Sorghum. Our business depends greatly on the work of farmers and over the years, we have put in place different programmes to help them improve their yields and also improve their welfare and that of the communities. For 2019, we plan to work with between 7000-8000 farmers per season to produce barley and that will increase to about 8 000 to 12 000 farmers per season for 2020.

Though partnership with Techno Serve for instance, we have farmer schools to train our farmers on best practices and we empower them economically through block chain technology being implemented in partnership with BanQu. Farmers’ Day is when we officially say thank you for being our key partners. On June 13 and 14th, we hosted barley farmers in Sebei region, Eastern Uganda in Kapyoyon Farm Bukwo and Cheminy Buying site Kween respectively.

Our farmers in Western Uganda gathered at Butanda Sub County, Kabale District and Bufundi sub county Rubanda District on June 20 and 21st. The outstanding farmers were rewarded with Knapsap Sprayers, overalls and gumboot. Given that part of our global goal to have 100% of our direct farmers skilled, connected, and financially empowered by 2025, farmers also received financial literacy from our partners, Stanbic Bank and MTN Uganda. They had an opportunity to open up bank accounts as well register for mobile money in order to ease their transactions and encourage saving. The events were filled with merry making as the farmers celebrated being part of Nile Breweries supply chain and indulged in a sumptuous meal with our Eagle Larger brand of beers.

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