Nile Breweries has introduced a new brand under its Eagle family of brands called Eagle Poa. The new brand was launched on August 1 at Nile Breweries head office, Luzira. Eagle Poa is a refreshing beer made from high quality locally sourced maize and epuripuri sorghum offering a refreshing, richly rewarding, crispy taste after a day’s work. It is the latest addition to the Eagle family of brands that includes Eagle Lager, Eagle Extra and Eagle Dark. The brand name, Poa, is meant to reflect the attributes of the brand. It’s a Swahili word that means to cool down, the exact refreshing feeling that one derives from drinking this beer, while Eagle was derived from the Eagle family of brands.

Speaking about new product, the brand manager Maureen Komugisha revealed that it is a refreshing beer perfect for the drinking occasion in the evenings or afternoons over the weekend. “ It is for that person that has a heart for their community; whose sense of purpose is deeply rooted in the well being of their entire neighborhood,” she said. Commenting on the roles of the new brand, the NBL Corporate Affairs Director Onapito Ekomoloit said,“The portfolio role for the Eagles has always been to recruit from the informal alcohol sector, something the brand has done commendably well to this day. And this is the journey Poa is here to continue.”He revealed that some of the alcohol consumed in our communities is not monitored by any regulator which brings into question standard issues. This is reason why in the past there have been fatalities resulting from people drinking such alcohol.

Eagle Poa is thus meant to fill that gap given its affordability so that everyone can have access to well brewed alcohol.” Beyond personal satisfaction, Onapito highlighted that whenever one takes the beer, they support the farmer network across the country that supply the produce used to make the beer that’s; maize and sorghum. The beer is available at retail price of Shs 1,200 for the 300ml and Shs 2,000 for the 500ml pack with a 4% ABV ensuring that one can enjoy the beer and be sure to work well the next day.

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