Alcohol Responsibility

Reducing harmful use of alcohol is part of our smart drinking strategy. As a core alcohol business, Nile Breweries is strongly committed to promote alcohol responsibility.

We work closely with government agencies: The Police, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal to ensure responsible alcohol consumption.

Key StatsKey-stats

  • All employees trained in alcohol responsibility

  • 7,978 the number of retail outlets whose staff have been trained in alcohol responsibility

  • 2,500 farmers trained in alcohol responsibility

  • 270 children trained to avoid underage drinking

  • 222 pregnant mothers trained to avoid drinking during pregnancies

  • 228 drivers trained on road safety

  • 20 radio talkshows countrywide on promoting responsibility.

 Our commitment is to promote the following:

  • Employee behaviour
  • Responsible commercial communication
  • Responsible consumption
  • We have formulated a local employee Alcohol Policy to guide our employees on how to use alcohol responsibly.
  • The Policy procedures with respect to company events, company pubs and testing followed.
  • The Policy is communicated to all employees and is part of the induction programme with annual reminders.
  • All procedures regarding employee alcohol assistance and discipline are followed.
  • Training of employees on beer tasting has been carried out.
  • AB & C and AIQ training for all employees is aggressively implemented.
  • The Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee (SMCC) exists to implement responsible commercial communication.
  • Alcohol manifesto booklets are distributed to all contracted media and marketing agencies.
  • Written commitment are obtained from contracted media and agencies to comply with the alcohol manifesto.
  • We do adhere to responsible messaging on all packaging.
  • Prominent display of responsible messaging during all NBL-sponsored events is enforced.
  • Responsible consumption messages are carried on/in all NBL adverts.
  • Marketing follows all policy procedures regarding the creation and sharing of market research.
  • We have in place a formal process to receive complaints from consumers on NBL commercial communication.
  • Accountability for adhering to the Policy on Commercial Communication is reflected in the individual goals of all sales and marketing employees.
  • Full communication is given to employees on the Policy on Commercial Communications.
  • An alcohol responsibility strategy that addresses priority areas of alcohol related harm is followed.
  • Our alcohol communication strategy includes briefing external audiences on the company’s alcohol positions and programmes.
  • We are active members of the Uganda Alcohol Industry Association (UAIA).
  • We have a tracking/monitoring system in place to understand the external alcohol environment e.g. government expectations and media coverage.
  • The company’s Alcohol Responsibility Programmes are endorsed by other stakeholders.
  • The Company implements Alcohol Responsibility programmes, independent from UAIA to address Drink-Driving.
  • We are working with the government and other stakeholders for the enactment of a moderate National Alcohol Policy
  • Alcohol Responsibility is contained in the top management.
  • NBL subscribes to  a website that speaks to consumers and external stakeholders about encouraging informed alcohol consumption choices.
  • Visible outdoor campaign on Drink-Driving is executed to entrench responsible consumption amongst motorists.
  • The retail trade is educated on responsible consumption issues, so that they make informed choices when serving consumers.
  • Alcohol Responsibility Training for Sorghum and Barley Farmers: This is an innovative program that communicates messages of alcohol responsibility in an easy to understand and engaging way to a largely illiterate group of rural farmers through community theatre.  Alcohol abuse among rural farmers is at epidemic levels in Uganda.  They consume mostly illicit alcohol which is extremely dangerous and can have a grave impact on the user’s health. The aim of the program was to reach out to this group and educate them on the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption and the use of illicit alcohol. The message, which is delivered through drama, is entertaining, engaging, participatory, direct and reaches a large audience. The program is developed in partnership with Empowering Communities for Health Living (ECHL), a USAID funded NGO that the company also works with in delivering HIV/AIDS programs amongst farmers.
  • Responsible Retailer Programme: The programme is set up to train all the NBL serviced retail outlets in responsible alcohol selling, emphasizing: Alcohol should not be sold to persons under 18, intoxicated consumers or pregnant women coupled with discouraging drink driving.  7,978 retail outlets have so trained in this programme.
  • ‘U Youth Matter’ is an underage campaign through which we caution minors (below 18 years) against drinking alcohol: It’s focused on reducing underage access to alcohol and consumption. The programme runs in rehabilitation centres, remand homes, schools, institutions and the community in partnership with government ministries such as Ministry of Education, Gender and Youth, schools and rehabilitation centres.
  • Road Safety Programme (Don’t Drink and Drive) – This programme is aimed at discouraging patrons from drinking and driving. The program was launched in 2009, in partnership with the Uganda Police and Uganda Alcohol Industrial Association
  • ABC & AIQ programme. This training is in line with our local employee alcohol policy, alcohol principles and presentation materials. The programme which is part of the orientation process for all new employees and other employees through refresher trainings, is aimed at promoting responsible consumption and conduct. Employees are subjected to a quiz at the end of each session to assess the knowledge awareness and practice of all participants.
  • Ssawa Ya Beer: This is a musical approach to alcohol responsibility messaging and drinking through a beer song. We worked with Uganda’s musical dual group (Radio and Weasel) to sing a song that is enjoyable with subtle messages that caution people to drink responsibly.
  • In addition, we also conduct internal alcohol surveys annually to assess progress of the campaigns internally.

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