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Club pilsner brought to the Mbarara an unforgettable experience on October 25, 2019 at the Mbarara University Inn Gardens – The Club Dome. Gates were open by 6pm and students turned up in huge numbers to grace the invite only occasion. Caribbean vibe was the theme of the Club Dome and true to this, the […]

On the 13th September 2019, Nile Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of AB InBev will be celebrating the Global Beer Responsible Day (GBRD) which is an annual celebration dedicated to re-echoing Smart Drinking and responsible enjoyment of our beers among our consumers, employees, partners and the general public. The event will take place at Kyadondo Rugby […]

Bar storms were carried out over 16 bars in the Kampala Region. The team of girls who chanted the “No Excuse” song to patrons were surprisingly well-received by the patrons both male and female. The women were eager to pull the #NoExcuse team to the side and ask them for more details and happily fill […]

Bewildered looks and blank stares by rugby fans and revelers greeted Nile Special’s launch of the No Excuse campaign against sexual harassment. The campaign unveiled a couple of minutes before Victoria Cup encounter between the Rugby Cranes and Zambia at Kyadondo over the weekend ( August 17th) caught all that had turned up by surprise. […]

Nile Breweries has introduced a new brand under its Eagle family of brands called Eagle Poa. The new brand was launched on August 1 at Nile Breweries head office, Luzira. Eagle Poa is a refreshing beer made from high quality locally sourced maize and epuripuri sorghum offering a refreshing, richly rewarding, crispy taste after a […]

Many retailers ask themselves, “Where is my Money? How can I grow my business? How do I control my stock? How can I become a respectable trade master? For the last two years, Nile Breweries Limited has been helping retailers in its supply chain answer these questions through a Retailer Development Programme. This month, up […]

Our barley farmers can now have access to digital payments and technology to further their economic opportunity thanks to our block chain programme. The programme is being implemented as a partnership between Top brewer ABInbev, our parent company and BanQu, a non-cryptocurrency block chain platform, with barley farmers in Uganda and cassava farmers in Zambia […]

Football is Uganda’s single biggest passion point and AFCON, being Africa’s biggest show piece, gave Nile Special an amazing opportunity to connect and bring Ugandans together for a great cause. Our campaign dubbed #UgandaUnited did exactly that. We gave our consumers a platform to show their passion for the Uganda Cranes who were in their […]

NBL holds Farmers’ Days every year as a way to engage with farmers and appreciate their partnership in the value chain. We have up to 13000 farmers of Barley and Sorghum. Our business depends greatly on the work of farmers and over the years, we have put in place different programmes to help them improve […]

Brewing today for a brighter tomorrow – is a statement that we aim to live up to every day. Our beer is brewed with natural ingredients and is reliant on a healthy environment, as well as on thriving communities. We are committed to brewing the highest quality beers that bring people together for the next […]

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